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Moveable Negative Room Transmitter

For hospital Room / Emergency Tent

PM-1000 is an ideal solution to isolate a virus from leaking out by making and maintaining a space such as a hospital ward or a temporary emergency tent a negative pressure space in a short time.


  • Ultra low noise, comport for patient and medical staff


  • It can be installed and installed in the hospital room currently in use to operate the negative pressure isolation room immediately.

  • Easy to install anywhere in the emergency room, In addition, the infection can be prevented immediately by operating only when necessary.

Key Features

  • Low Cost for Installation:  

     Less than 50% of negative pressure isolation room


  • Efficient Maintenance Cost :  

     Less than 50% of negative pressure isolation room

  • Pressure : Stable Negative  

     Maintains stable negative pressure as set (-2.0pa)


  • Flexible Operation with Easy Installation & Moving

     Easy installation & moving to build negative pressure ward within a short time

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