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MINDGear-TR is a system that inspects the appearance of the train, checks for faults or error parts, and reports to the manager.


Acquire a high-resolution image in real time on running train, and recognize a portion of occurred problem by using a deep learning technology.

It automatically notifies the administrator of the recognized problem, etc so that the user can check the occurrence of the problem in real time.


Conventional video systems have a problem that the recognition rate drops as the environment such as weather and temperature changes, but MINDGear-TR solves these problems using deep learning technology.


It improves the efficiency of managing the complex railway systems to demonstrate the excellence of safe and convenient railways.

Through inspection you could detect problems in the smallest part of the exterior and the manager can maintain a stable system without spending a lot of time inspecting each part of the vehicle.


The manager must spend a lot of time looking for problems by simply visual inspection of the entire vehicle. However, with MINDGEAR-TR you can check the problem in real time.


Administrators can use this vehicle inspection system to review the vehicle's problems and take the necessary action quickly.

This maximizes customer satisfaction by increasing the normal operating rate of the vehicle.

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