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SmartCube’s NTM@S10 series is a full featured PCIe x16 card with Intel Stratix 10 FPGAs


The Stratix 10 FPGAs are designed for high performance solution with a rich feature set including below listed.

  • High-speed transceivers up to 40 Gbps

  • Embedded Gen3 PCIe x16.

  • Highest performance 2,666 Mbps DDR4 SDRAM memory interface

  • High speed memory interface with DDR4, QDR II , QDR II+ and so on.

  • IEEE 754-compliant hard floating-point with 10TFLOPS of DSP performance​

SmartCube board offers various memory configurations for high performance solution. It support a Hybrid Memory Cube upto 6 GB for each board. And a QSFP interface  provide high-speed, low-latency I/O direct to the FPGAs.


One of the major features is supporting FPGA SoC solution. NTM@S10 series include more than one FPGA SoC on board. That means there are no need for external host board such as PC.  All of these features are combined to make the NTM@S10 series ideal for a wide range of applications, including network processing and security, compute & storage, instrumentation, broadcast, and so on.


The Altera® SDK for Open Computing Language (OpenCL:tm:) allows a user to abstract away the traditional hardware FPGA development flow for a much faster and higher level software development flow. Emulate your OpenCL C accelerator code on an x86-based host in seconds, get a detailed optimization report with specific algorithm pipeline dependency information, pushing the longer compile time to the end when you are pleased with your kernel code results.



NTM@S0-Type-I    : High performance FPGA platform with single STRATIX-10 FPGA

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