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Passenger Information & Entertainment System

SmartCube offers the real-time information and entertainment systems that you need to keep your passengers well-informed and entertained while in transit. Our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions deliver these benefits via a system architecture that covers not only coaxial cable but Ethernet based system architecture. It is designed to work with other functions including Security, Network & Telecoms and Control & Monitoring to maximize operational efficiency.

This is an example system of Ethernet based realtime encoding, media steam server and media receive & display.Because our system offers very low delay form media server to media display, it can be used for multi screen display system. It is a good solution for Passenger Information and Entertainment System.
   SmartCube offers entire PIS system, not only multimedia and information but embedded network system solution. This solution can be used in trains, buses and ship transports
Target application
- Rail PIS system
- Bus PIS system
- Ship PIS system
-Platform PIS , PIDS system

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