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IoT Smart Factory

SmartCube provides IoT solution for Smart Factory and Supply chain managements.


Turn your factory into a data-driven and high-tech organization to make big data converted to build decision making environment for management.

- Increasing yield

- Production management

- Order management

- Progress towards sustainable production

- Cutting cost

  . reduce labor costs

  . reduce manufacture cost 

  . reduce production cost by manufacture chain control


- Factory automation

- Sensor networks

- Convenient store management



Internet of Things (IoT) transforms factories into next generation factories. 
Next generation factories are proactive organizations which enable the production units to connect to each other, predict and fix potentially dangerous issues, and move to a product-as-a-service model. Most important point of IoT solution is transforming factories into a product-as-a-service-model, It is cost effective and optimized solutions for factory management.

Data Engineering

Types of data, generally collected by factories for further analysis and actionable business insights, are as follows:


- Sensor generated data

- Manufacturing execution system (MES) data

- After sales failure data 

- Supply chain management data

- Enterprise resource (ERP) system data

- Accounting and finance data


Our customers, who make the most use of data processing, analysis, and visualization, claim to find new opportunities for increasing yield, achieving near-zero downtime, and cutting costs.

The first step towards extracting business value out of the collected data is to ensure proper storage, interoperability, and availability of data.

Data analytics and visualization

A variety of data that factories collect can be analyzed and transformed into production KPI data. It can be further used to outline specific threats, issues, and opportunities through patterns and relationships that emerge. Data visualization via a real-time dashboard enables staff to act instantly on the threats, issues, and opportunities. Visualized historical data can be used for further analysis of metrics that prove to have the biggest effect on yield.

Web and mobile applications

Factory staff may require access to various types of resources while doing their job, including:


Biodata visualization

Inventory tracking system

Field service mobile applications

Means of communication

- Voice calls

- Video conferencing

- Email informational resources

E-commerce system for released products

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