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Contracted with Japanese

TOP level parking service provider

Top level parking service provider in central region of Japan decided to introduce SmartCube AI parking system with license plate number recognition and parking solution.

SmartCube's AI parking system will soon be available in Japan, one of the global IT technology leaders.
CDI, a top-level parking service provider in central Japan, decided to introduce SmartCube's AI parking management system and license plate recognition solution and we once again proved our technology through this opportunity.
From 2020, you can experience the smart parking system using SmartCube's AI technology in major buildings, MRT stations, etc. in Japan.

SmartCube will provide a stable and convenient parking culture optimized for the local situation in Japan.


# Smart Cube is ...

Started from SiliconCube in South Korea specialized in AI technology, providing a various solution of Smart Parking Management, Smart IoT monitoring, Building Energy Saving based on AI.

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# Contact 

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Tel. : +84-246-664-5593

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