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Face Detection & Tracking

Using fast and efficient algorithm, faces in the video are detected and tracked. By tracking faces, we can gather more face data from people.

Face Analysis

Detected faces are processed through deep learning model to extract the feature and to produce numerical data for the face. Numerical data from one’s face are invariant to pose and illumination

Face DB & ID Search

We provide Face Database to store face data and identification of people. The Face DB finds the registered person who matches numerical data from face recognition. If no one in the DB is matching the numerical data, another entry will be created for the new face.

API for Face DB is provided to interface with other service.

Surveillance Platform using Face Recognition

Siliconcube develops surveillance platform using face recognition.

  • Smart Face Recognition Agent

    • Fetching video from camera

    • Face detection & tracking

    • Face analysis using deep learning model

    • Sending analyzed data to Face DB through network


  • Face DB

    • Face & identification data store

    • Face search & compare with data from Smart Face Recognition Agent

    • Dynamic(automatic add) Face Data management

    • API for Application Server

  • Application Server

    • Server for Web / Mobile

    • Service like automatic notification to smartphone.


Surveillance System at  Security Gateway

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