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SiliconCube's Smart Car Parking System



- Cost saving


- Increase guest turn over rate 


- High Efficiency


- User friendly


- Easy Management 

SiliconCube has released a solution that can manage parking.

​It is possible to recognize not only a formal license plate but also a license plate of a vehicle having a complicated or uneven appearance.   

  Smart Car Parking system is the manner by which a property can first welcome its visitors, placing a first belief for the remainder of the visit. It is important to leave kind impression of building using efficient parking and payment solution.

   Generally we face a lot of problems in parking our vehicle like where to park, who to take care of our vehicles and conserns about car theft, etc. 

  Smart Car Parking Management Services are designed to showcase a new conception in resolving parking problems and to provide hassle free and effective parking solutions. It is one of the most important components of any transportation and hospitality system.


  It provides the best and innovative technologies to make your parking area more organized.

  Smart Car Parking management system also carries Car Parking counting display and Valet parking solutions which can be processed manually or automatically by pay stations & Ticket validating machines. The Best in class parking control systems  are assured with increased accuracy & affordable technology.

High Car License Plate Recognition Rate



Recognition of license plate is the core of smart parking system. In order to automate and control everything from entry to exit of a car, Automatic recognition of the license plate number is mandatory for unattended payment, membership service and so on. Based on this, each vehicle can be managed and The parking space can be managed too. One of the most time-consuming tasks from vehicle entrance to exit is settlement of parking fees. To automate this part, - (numbers must be recognized) By automating the settlement of parking fees and shortening the time of entry and exit of the vehicle, the turnover rate of the customer will be increased. As a result, the number of visitors to the building increases, resulting in a rise in building's image and sales. In order to make all of these possible, license plates must be automatically recognized.

Unattended payment with gate bar


- No Ticket , No Stop


- Improve parking area's traffic flow


- Increase guest turn over rate

The most time consuming thing for parking sequence is waiting for payment and finding an empty space. 

Un-attended payment solution can dramatically reduce time spent in parking phase.

Base technology is automatic car license plate recognition and secure payment solution.

In addition to having the ability to work with loyalty and business applications, smart unattended solutions can also accept the latest secure payment methods, including EMV and NFC/contactless, including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Parking guide system

Indoor screen shows the number of available parking spaces at every direction, which could guide the driver to the available parking space efficiently.


Parking light integrated with spot camera gives a visual guidance of the parking space by light color.

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