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Team work


SmartCube is...

SmartCube provides IoT solution for Smart Factory and Supply change management.

Turn your factory into the data-driven, high-tech organization to make big data and converted to build decision-making environment for management.

SmartCube belongs to SiliconCube that founded in 2013, SiliconCube has many engineers  who have over 15 years of experience designing software and hardware solutions for graphics, video, and imaging/machine vision applications. Siliconcube has focused on industrial video/network solution using Application processor or FPGA/ASIC solution. SiliconCube's three divisions - Industrial Network/Communication Solution , Imaging and Video Solution and ASIC/FPGA Design service. These divisions are providing an extensive array of real-world relevant OEM, end-user solutions to businesses and individuals across a diverse range of professional markets, including media and entertainment, finance, digital signage, medical imaging, manufacturing, factory automation, security, government, and enterprise computing.


Areas of expertise...

We are focused on industrial , Automotive video and cummunication solution.


- Hi Resolution video processing : 4K / Ultra HD

- Hi Speed Parallel System such as DDR2/3 Memory Interface System

- HDMI / DVI / DP Interface System

- Impedance-controlled, transducer-interfacing, and sensitive signal designs

- EOL and cost-reduction redesigns

- Quick-turn projects (Time to Market Projects)

- Hi Speed Serdes Interface such as 3G-SDI , CoaXpress and so on

- ASIC/FPGA Prototype board developmemt using Ultra Large FPGA device

- Mixed Signal interface

- Military system

- Aero Space System

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